Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An Open Letter to the ACLU:

The ACLU is no longer a defender of freedoms but a defender of all things unAmerican. Your attacks on religion, patriotism, and conservatism are in direct opposition of your own stated mission. Your support of foreigners, terrorists, and other anti-American factions is on the verge of seditious.

I have known for years the ACLU is diverging from the path of "Americana" under the guise of defending Constitutional rights. This is a farce and a travesty to the rights of the majority in this country. Because, as much as the ACLU likes to use the individual as their tool, it is a fact that the Constitution defines the Majority as the rulers of this nation. The ACLU attacks on laws and policies that are supported by the Majority of Americans is as Unconstitutional as lawmakers passing laws that support religion or suppress the media. And to use non-Americans, especially ones that would love to see this country destroyed, in its grievances is even more insulting to Americans.

Your uncovering of statements of abuses against the Koran made by the terrorists being held at Guantanamo is ridiculous in the least. Are you so gullible as to believe these haters of freedom and democracy? The very things you claim to protect. Has the ACLU lost any form of objectivity? It is fundamentally illogical to take the word of any person who's motive is to seek the destruction of your society as anything but false.

Have you any other sources to validate these claims other than the FBI interviews of terrorists? Until you come up with any, it may be in the best interest of the ACLU to publicize them. Otherwise, it will be the opinion of this American, and many others, that the ACLU is anything but American, Civil, or for Liberty.